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Thread: Kenai Kops (no disrespect to Law Enforcement intended)

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    Default Kenai Kops (no disrespect to Law Enforcement intended)

    Saturday August 1, was the first time I saw anyone in the water on the Kenai. A pair of UAA students attempted the river in a rented UAA canoe. When going under the Sterling Hwy bridge, they turned the canoe sideways to the current and almost immediately went into the water. They fortunately were wearing PFD's and made it all the way around Schooner Bend. That's where we lost sight of them and correctly assumed they got out of the water. Because we were almost headed into Schooner Bend when we saw them flip, there was little we could do but direct them to a safe and shallow area. We rescued the canoe downstream and bailed it out. From there we towed it to Sportsman's Landing and left it at the gate. Fortunately they had secured some of their gear in dry bags but even that effort was compromised by not sealing the bag properly.

    Then we were in a braid below the power lines about 2 hours later when here comes an upside down zodiac with a 40 HP motor submerged and dragging. One cell of the Z was compromised. I'd love to hear the story behind that one.

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    Default Kenai Kraziness

    The Kenai is full of adventures. Those Zodiac's are impossible to row, and looks like they found that out. Thanks for the report.


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    jeez, is the river that blown? must be...... hopefully everyone made it home safe. take care, abel6wt

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    Was the Zodiac Black. It went by me at the mouth of the Russian. It was upside down and the transom was shredded and there was no motor on it. I took out some trees on the island before it kept on going. Upper kenai is very floatable. High but floatable. hard fishing as alot of the bars are covered but it is by no means unsafe. Unless your totally clueless. I was gonna float but blew it off to spend time with friends. I had other friends float with no issues and the guides are all floating
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