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Thread: CED M2 Problems

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    The mailman showed up with my CED M2 on Saturday. This morning I took everything out of the packaging and attempted to test it out and the main unit is not working. It will not turn on. I am almost to the point of severly pissed off. I checked the battery, it has plenty of power. Checked to make sure the battery is in right, and checked for good connection. Nothing, still not working. I tried five more 9v's and no luck. The instructions arn't much help either.

    Looks like this main unit is DOA.

    Or am I a moron and missing something here?

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    Did you plug the leads in?

    Is the battery in correctly?

    Hold the power button down long enough?

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    Found the problem.

    I pulled the back plate off and found the negative wire is not soldiered to the battery connection posts. Cheap chinese piece of ****

    Time to go pull out the soldiering iron.

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    That got it working.


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