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Thread: nikon or leupold

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    Default nikon or leupold

    Hey all.. i'm new to this forum. I'm in the market for a new scope for primarily spotting for hunting purposes. My price range is in the 500 to 600 CDN dollars. I have been seriously considering either the Leupold gold ring compact 15-30 * 50 or the Nikon prostaff 15-45 * 65. Both get great reviews and both look to be scopes that i would be happy with. Has anyone had the oportunity to try out both and if so... which one would you give the nod to. They are both had for the same price here. Maybe there is something else i should be looking at in that neighborhood as well that i have overlooked? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I use the leupold 15-45 60 gold ring and the smaller 15-30 50 gold ring. Both are great proven scopes.


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    Kowa has some light weight reasonably compact spotting scopes. We have one along with a Leica where I work. When you look through the scope it's not a Leica, but then again when you look at the price tag it's not a Leica. The one we have is a TSN 601 (?) and it is 2lbs 2 oz. at $830. They seem to be a mid quality price scope. Seemingly better than Leupold/Nikon not as good as Swarovski/Leica/Zeiss. Just a thought.


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    I have had the same leupold scope on my rifle for as long as i can remember. Its been banged around, submerged in water, and iced over more times than it probably should have been, but the fact is it still works like a charm. I'm sure both are great optics, i'm just partial to the leupold name as far as durability i guess. Though i have looked through Alaska_lanche's Carl Zeiss spotting scope before, and mannnnnnn......................... If i had the chedder.......


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