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Thread: Symphony Lake?

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    Default Symphony Lake?

    How is the fishing up there? And how hard of a hike on the trail is it? I want to make a day trip up there sometime this week.

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    I haven't fished it yet this year, but it can be pretty decent. Give yourself 3 hours one way, assuming you're in decent shape. The last mile over the boulder field can be slow going. The trail is good up until that point.

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    Default Hey Troutmaster

    I just walked out of Symphony yesterday evening having spent Friday night camped on Eagle Lake. All the best camp sites on Symphony Lake were taken. The fishing was slow going during the day, but they became lively around the 11:30 to midnight time frame. I just caught two small ones that night and another small one the next morning. My hiking partner hooked a very nice sized fish on a fly but it came loose next to shore. I slept in the next morning so I didn't hit the water untill well after the sun came up. Lots of trash around the lake this trip. Carried much more trash out than normal including a busted up fishing pole. Seen many Ptarmigan wandering around the Lakes and many people hiking in on Saturday including two large groups. The new parking lot was full and cars were parked on both sides of the road. Wow, the weather the great, very few bugs and just a trace of rain to freshen the air.

    Must have been some sort of Hmong family reuniun going on at Symphony Lake on Friday night. They were coming and going across the boulder field all night long chatting it up. Could also hear them all the way across the moraine dividing the Lakes from their camp. We talked to some of them on the trail near the lake, but they didn't appear to speak any English. This young couple just smiled and nodded a bunch. It was rather late in the day and they didn't have any gear with them, no water bottles, pack or gear of any kind. Interesting....


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