Looking over the "blotter" from the last couple weeks... the USCG has issued MANY fines ranging from $250 up to $1,000 for boats entering the security zone around the oil terminal. That makes your fishing trip pretty dang expensive.

I'm told that most of the violations seem to be near the east end by Allison Point at the "B Buoy". If you cut that corner inside of the giant yellow can buoy, you're going to have the USCG's enforcement boat on you very quickly. And don't think you can "sneak" through either. The entire area is being watched by camera and radar 24/7. The instant you cut the corner they've already got the evidence recorded. So steer clear of these areas.

The USCG put out a pamphlet with a chart showing the positions of the zone, exact coordinates of the corners (so you can put it into your GPS), and an explanation of the regulations. It's available at the Harbormaster's office as well as many other places around Valdez.

Stay safe and avoid that costly citation on your silver fishing trip.