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Thread: Leader/tippet size?

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    So it's finally coming close, only 17 days till I'm there! One of the questions I have is what size leader/tippet do you all run for Silvers, rainbows and dollies. Or do you run leaders at all? I know a few guys run straight mono down to the weights then tippet from there. I'll be spending a few days on the Kenai, but I think most of our time will be on the Anchor, Swanson, and Quartz rivers. Thanks in advance for any info guys. See ya soon!

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    I run straight mono for my leaders/tippet, in 2 or 3 section tapers. Fast and easy.

    For silvers, I usually use a 25# butt section. From there I'll use anything from 10# to 17# mono for tippet, depending on water conditions and how much room I have to work. If I'm going with 10# or 12# I may throw in a middle section of 17#. Depends on what I have handy. Silvers have been a no-show for me so far this year, but I've been keeping busy picking on chums and Dollies.

    For trout and Dollies, usually go something like 20#/14#/8# or 17#/12#/6#. Sometimes I get lazy and just run 17#/8# or something similar. Again, depends on what I have handy and how much prep time I have before trips. I managed to go fishing 9 days in a row (think I'll finally take tonight off to regroup and reorganize) and in the rush/excitement sometimes I forget stuff.
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    I use a lot of 2x and 3x tippet for trout and 0x for salmon
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    If the water isn't crystal clear we've done well using straight 12# mono for silvers and 6# or 8# for the trout.


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