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Thread: Salcha Snagger

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    Angry Salcha Snagger

    Wish I had video taped this d*****bag as he walked through several established redds blatently snagging at kings. I had watched these redds earlier and decided to let those kings do their thing as a scanned for chums to throw some flies at. Well this idot finally snags a King and yells to his wife "get the gaff" Yes a gaff! He yells to her "its the big stick with a hook on it". Just then he loses the fish, so I said to him "dude, we don't gaff salmon here in alasksa, just pull him up on shore if you don't have a net". Well he totally ignored me. He proceded to then wade almost all the way accross the river with no waders chasing these small schools of salmon, chucking a sinker laden spoon at these fish with quick, repetiive 4 foot casts with a snagging retreive. He finally snagged one and purposely walked into into a back eddy out of view of me and others to free the foul hook and carry it proudly to his wife. THEN, he had the gall to say, I'm gonna git me another and we can go have our fish fry. ***! It was pretty sickening. At that point I'd seen and heard enough. I went up to the truck and called the troopers. Within 30 minutes or so a trooper came by, his name was Cummins, I believe. Real nice young guy from Delta. He made non verbal contact with me and I pointed the a##clown out to him. Unfortunately, he could not bust him cuz the king was so nasty, he couldnt even see the snag marks nor could he prove it without other evidence, like a photo or testimony. The dude couldnt drive away any faster after the trooper talked to him. Anyway, at least the trooper did come when called and checked it out. Had he only come 15 minutes sooner he would at least seen the snagging personally. Anyway, thx trooper Cummins for responding to my call. Oh, and if you see this richard in a green minivan with TrailBoss on the side window, ask him how his black, mushy, nasty SNAGGED king salmon tasted!

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    Default Ouch

    Are you sure it was not the dude with the knitted hat, no shirt wearing 5 mil Neopr. waders that was trying to snag Bows on the Kenai three weeks ago fishing with 60 lbs line a lead spider i.e treb hook with lead core wrapped around it. I crap you not he walked through a strech my buddy was trying to fish and when I got up to him of course I could not (not say anything) Oh BWT it was about 85 out that day! If I would have had a video camera I would have won 10K on America Funniest Video show. Would have been labled Fishing Tart passes out from stupidity and heat.

    Hang in there man Karma has a way of catching up( I know bad pun) to people like that.


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