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    We have a Professional II model that's about 7 years old is not just "sucking it up" like it used to. Heard there was a place in Anchorage that tunes/re-furbishes these? Does anyone know about this and any first-hand experience?
    Thanks, Jim

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    I had the same problem and called the number that came with the machine. I talked to them for a few minutes, they decided my seal was bad or not seated correctly and sent me out another for a couple $$ and I got it three days later and all is good.

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    The place in Anchorage is called Alaska Butcher Supply (if I remember right) on Commerce St. If it has to do with butcher supplies they have it, they are good to deal with.
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    I called Foodsaver themselves and told them the problem my machine had, and they mailed me all new seals and gaskets for free.


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