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    A group of us boated the Chickaloon at fairly high water, (no gauge) the water was 5 to 10 feet from the bank where people put in for the Mat. run.
    I read a thread by packrafter Brad meiklejohn, I got the impression he did not feel the known information concerning this river accurately describes the river. I TOTALLY AGREE.
    Here is what I saw, Hotel rocks looks scary but is really fairly easy, eight mile seemed simple, and the ledge was fairly easy and fun( as long as you go left). BUT!!!!!! the water between these noted (upper drops) was more difficult,really steep around moss creek for a river, big waves, holes everywhere, and current from all directions, huh!- I was shocked.
    After 16 miles of mostly continuous whitewater, I walked away quite impressed with this river, even though it claimed my camera, wah.
    I know water levels change things, but Jim has ran it at different levels and claims the character changes but it humps right along.
    What do you other Chickaloon boaters think about this river?
    Randy took some pics hopefully i will get a couple
    Happy boating MO

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    Default Chickaloon rating?

    The more feedback that comes in from other groups that have ran this gem, the more I think I was not imagining this river is under-rated. Heard another good story from a good source.
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