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Thread: Little Su report 7/31/2009

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    Default Little Su report 7/31/2009

    We fished with Kevin from Rainbow River. It took us six hours to land these three silvers. We had one other bite, but I could "close the deal".

    The fish are there, but I didn't see one roll all day, and they're not being cooperative

    I'll let you know how the Deska is on Monday.

    P.S. yesterday's total was 74, when we left today at 12:00 noon today's total was at 43.

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    Default Little Su in a mid August

    Thanks for the post! I've been wondering how the little su is doing right now. I've got family coming up on the 14th - 16th and thinking about taking them to the little su for a shot at some silvers. Any one know what part of the river they are usually in around then? I'm hoping to run across from the port of Anchorage to the mouth in my boat rather than drive it. What are my odds?

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    Default It's been done many times.

    Your odds are good if the weather cooperates. Fish the incoming tide and plan your trip around the water level at the mouth or else you might end up high and dry during low tide.

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    the little su has been picking up. word has it or so i heard it was because the commercial guys had a stop fishing period. i dont know for sure about that but i do know the board counts have been over 100+ the last few days and people are catching above and below the boat launch.


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