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Thread: Delta Range Hiking - Smoke?

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    Default Delta Range Hiking - Smoke?

    Trying to get a backpacking trip in within the next week or two. After studying the fire maps it seems like the Delta Range is good distance away from most of the active fires, so I was thinking of going to Rainbow Ridge or perhaps the Castner Glacier.

    1. Anyone know what the smoke situation is like off the northern Richardson Highway?

    2. Any other good backpacking ideas in that area, or anywhere else within four hours of Fairbanks?


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    Default Just got back from a 3 day trip

    Spent some time (7/28-8/1/09) around Seven Mile Lake (Denali Hwy) to the Eureka Glacier and out to the Richardson Hwy via Eureka and Delta Rivers and there was no smoke. However, one morning there was a hint of smoke, but it was gone in an hour. The weather, and skies were clearer the more east we got.
    Have fun!

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