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Thread: D.I.Y. Practice Target

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    Thumbs up D.I.Y. Practice Target

    Stuffed a dryer-burned Wiggy bag into a box and duct taped it closed. Tightly closed. I think it would have stopped a 45 round. My shafts with practice points went in about 2 or 3 inches at 20 yards.

    Stuffed the same bag into a heavy-mil plastic bag and am still shooting it. Just fluff the bag as you would a pillow every once in a while.

    So I had Wiggy send me up a box of scrap bulging at the seams. That will stop any broadhead after a few inches.

    Just a thought...

    Then get yourself a new sleeping bag! I know just the place!



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    Default Burlap

    Last year needing a bag big enough for a full sized paper sheep target, I used a large burlap bag stuffed with old blue tarps. Worked well enough except I actually had 2-3 practice tips break off. Probably loose going in, as the impact into the bag is was substantial.

    Never thought of using my sleeping bags!!! Better get 3 or 4 of them out and try it.

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    Save those plastic woven bags you get sand in for the drive way. Stuff them with all those useless plastic grocery bags that seem to accumulate around just about everyones recycle area. Stops arrows dead, free, lasts for a very long time and the same size as a small caribou's torso.
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    Default new marketing angle for Wiggy's??

    So tough, even bear teeth can't penetrate them! (Show's show of Marc Taylor's poor arrow penetrations, then shot of dude in Canada mauled by polar bear while sleepin' in his tent, with sounds of bear mauling from woman who tried to take close up shot of Binky)


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