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    Hey Guys,

    I haven't really seen anyone on here talking about the fires. Is it looking like they'll affect the sheep hunting in the next two weeks?

    I'm flying into the "Brooks" next week, and don't want a repeat of '04.

    Is it looking like it'll be alright?

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    Well, the Brooks is a big area. Right now it is pretty darn smokey in Fairbanks and Ft Yukon. Less than 2 miles visibility in each place. Not much better in Arctic Village. Who knows what it will be doing in a week.

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    04= six and a half million acer

    current fire in the rail belt causing all the smoke is just over 300 thou. it is just close to town... +/- 50 miles.
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    All that smoke close to Delta put the kabosh on my scouting trip this weekend, hopefully it will clear up by next weekend.


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