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Thread: Kolpin Mounts for the Big Boys...

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    Default Kolpin Mounts for the Big Boys...

    You Ranger, Rhino guys..what are you using to hang yer gun boot? I dont mean the spendy, production stuff..what mounts have YOU made work. As of yet, My handy bungy cords keep my gunboot in place, but I like function and fit, somethin quick release.

    I would like to utilize the upper half of my rear cage above my HiLift mount, but I refuse to break down and spend the gobs of $$ that the dealers want for their kit.
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    Wanted my rifles inside the cab with me for quick access so opted for a Big Sky mount. Fits pretty much flush with the roof. Holds 2 scoped rifles and I didn't need to drill into the roll bars. Used heavy duty hose clamps instead.

    While not homemade it was a cheap alternative and efficient.


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