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Thread: Umiat Closure

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    Default Umiat Closure

    According to, the camp at Umiat will be closing mid August. Anyone have any additional details on why that is happening? Seemed to me like there was a lot of oil activity in the region and it was a busy place.

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    I think they lost the contract on it or let it expire. I was there 2 years ago and they had just changed hands and were swapping out folks and gear.

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    Default This Sucks

    I work out of Umiat at least one week a month and it really puts us in a bind because we relied on them for power and Jet A. I think they lost money on it the last two years. I think they are going to keep it though and maybe reopen in the winter or when companies decide to do more drilling. I heard about possible gas field development in the future there too. I'll see what happens when I'm up there in late Aug.

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    I went out there a few times last winter and this spring. I thought they were doing great according to the sign out there that said Future Home of Umiat Walmart!

    I heard some rumors about ownership change, but didn't catch the full story. Man I love that country out there, I'd love to spend a couple months in the fall there.


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