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Thread: Cooper Landing Boat Launch Fees

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    I had an unpleasant experience last Saturday with the campground host at Cooper Landing. To be fair to Sue, I think she was told by one of the Rangers to be sure and collect the launch fees. I buy a season parking pass and launch my raft NOT from a trailer. I store the raft in the back of my truck and inflate/deflate each weekend. DNR at the Atwood Building told me that was all that was needed if you aren't putting a boat in that comes off a trailer.

    After talking with the Ranger (Barber) I was told I had to pay the launch fee but that included parking too. Still in conflict with what the policy makers at DNR said, I pursued it back to them. They clarified their position with the chief ranger (Sinclair) and it is true, if launching, not from a trailer, you pay only the parking fee to leave a vehicle there. This was further supported by the instructions on the annual boat launch pass that says. "Affix (this sticker) permanently to left side of boat trailer tongue approximately one foot back from the trailer assembly. Trailers bearing this pass are exempt from daily Alaska State Parks boat launching Fees."

    I know there were many rafters there last Saturday (July 25) that were told to pay the fee and they probably did.

    PS: If you pay the boat launch fee, that also covers parking. I paid both fees my first year and nobody ever told me I was paying too much. Now we all know.
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    PPS: The annual parking pass is $40 and the annual boat launch pass is $75. Cooper landing fees are $5 for either one so the deal was they didn't want to accept my parking pass as a launching pass. Communication gaps that should be fixed now.


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