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Thread: Kodiak hunting spots!

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    Default Kodiak hunting spots!

    Tomorrow is august 1st the opening day of deer hunting season and I need a place to go where I can almost a 100% get a buck even a spike will do! So if you guys have any spots in particular where to hunt that would be great! Thanks!

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    Hard to guarantee you a 100% success rate hunt without knowing something of your hunting ability. This time of year the bucks will be up high. Start climbing pretty much any of the mountains on the road system and glass extensively. You will find a buck on one of those mountains.

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    Default Research

    Sorry to say but there are no 100% guarantees. You need to do a little reasearch.
    If you are planning on a fly out ask the operator about different areas.
    We all want 100% areas but that is just not always possible.
    To come in with your first post & ask someone to give up a productive spot is a little unrealistic & unfair. Some of this knowledge has been acculated from a lot of time spent prospecting & studying areas.

    Good luck with you hunt & have fun.

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    How has the hunting been impacted with the NativeCorp taking over a hunge chunk of the road accessible areas?
    We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it. We get it rough enough at home; in towns and cities; in shops, offices, stores, banks anywhere that we may be placed

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    Default 100% chance of taking meat home secret spot

    Take the money you were going to spend on this hunt, go to safeway and spend it on beef. This is 100% foolproof. Besides you can't eat the horns anyways even if they are only spike/fork



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