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Thread: Legislative Task Force report

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    Default Legislative Task Force report

    Anyone hear anything about the report yet? They wrapped things up almost a year ago, and still no report! I spoke with one of the members of the task force last week, and even he can't get a draft report yet!

    How ironic is it that the report from a legislative body investigating delays in process, and the workings of the Department and the BOF, is itself delayed almost a year thus far. Can any state entity deliver timely information about fisheries?

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    Default waste of time and money

    They wasted lots of time and money because they cannot understand UCI fishery issues in a couple of meetings. The BOF takes hundreds of hours while this bunch held a few meetings for a day or less and a number of them did not attend.

    Also, the agenda of some members became very obvious so that is why they were not continued for another year. They asked for it and were denied because everyone knew this was a joke. So do not look for anything to come out of this group - regardless what they write.


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