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Thread: Fishing with Ebb Tide Charter July 30th

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    Default Fishing with Ebb Tide Charter July 30th

    So JohnSWA, and I and Johns father in law went out with Capt. Marvin on the Ebb Tide. If your not into having a blast, a clean, smooth, sexy boat,, great gear, great deck hand, and of course great fishing stay away. Otherwise HOLY COW. That was a trip. Nothing huge but I dont want barn doors. Biggest but was 33 lots of mid 20's. So many fish caught it was scary and of course lots of fish landed and released. We even managed a silver salmon. I HIGHLY suggest giving Marvin a try. It is a class operation. Worth every penny spent and then some.

    I will post pictures when I get home as Im sitting at the picnic table in site 24 at the russian right now. I just had to post and brag about what a great fishing charter we had and to recommend Marvin on the Ebb tide to everyone.

    I suggest you call him for a trip next year. We are gonna but the boat again I can promise you that
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    Sounds a lot like my trip with him. Out biggest fish was 35 and smallest was 18. I came home with about 35 pounds of filets and sore arms. I bet I caught 2-3 dozen halibut and sorted through an average 18-20# fish for the larger ones.
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