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Thread: Salmonberries for claustrophobes

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    Default Salmonberries for claustrophobes

    Does anyone know a good area for salmonberries other than Whittier (some members of my family find the tunnel extremely challenging)? We've heard about Turnagain Pass but don't know any trails in that area. Do people just start walking at the parking lot? Any good pointers are much appreciated; I wouldn't give away my fave spot either, but if anyone could help us get near a salmonberry vicinity, we don't mind working (walking) for them :-)
    Thank you much!

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    Hike along the russian river beyond the boardwalk, but be aware of the bruins.
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    A little shot of Valium will solve the tunnel problem.

    Unfortunately I can't say I know the location of any salmonberries close to Anchorage, so I can't help you with that part.
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    Default TY

    Thanks ~ I think our dipnetting bonker might do the trick, since we're perpetually short on Valium, and that might come in handy for the bruins along the Russian
    We actually saw some salmonberries on the road to Hope, but most of them were green or barely blushing.

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    Crow Pass has ripe salmon berries right at the trailhead in Girdwood as of about two weeks ago.

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    Default TY

    Wow, thank you! That's a trail I've always wanted to try, too.
    Girdwood should be great! I'll report if I still find some, thanks again.
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    Too bad about the tunnel phobia, because Whittier is chockfull of salmonberries, though it looks like other people have hit most of the red ones where I picked. Plenty of yellow ones, huge and ripe. I only wish I knew a good way to make jam with them without having them turn that sort of brownish color. Must be a trick to it that I just don't know... perhaps the internet has the answer....

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    Default Girdwood- Salmonberries and Trailing Black Currants

    Thanks for letting us know, Bibico. That certainly is an incentive to at least try.
    I am forever grateful to faemystique for the tip with the Crow Pass trail in Girdwood. Can Whittier be even better? We collected enough for jam, pie, and a smoothie. People have been picking a lot, but there are huge ripe ones still everywhere, and even some flowers. There is some scrambling involved and if it hadn't been for the alders' support, we would have gotten a lot less.

    We found about a gallon of trailing black currants as well, what a treat! I'll post pictures once I am done with the jams. With respect to the salmonberries losing their color, I'll try adding a pinch of baking soda this time. It is supposed to keep your veggies fresh and green (or whichever color) when you cook them, so maybe it will work for salmonberries? I'll let you know if it worked.


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