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Thread: 15hp Johnson long shaft to short

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    Default 15hp Johnson long shaft to short

    Have a two stroke 15hp Johnson that runs like a top and is used as a kicker on my flat bottom moose hunt boat. I would love to change it from a long shaft to a short to also use it on my Grumman sport boat. Anyone have experience with this? Does J Kimberly still have Johnson parts? Any info would be great.

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    I haven't done that swap on a Johnson, but I've done it on a 15hp Gamefisher (Force/Merc). It was a few years back, but I seem to remember that it was a pretty easy operation. I needed a new driveshaft, shifter linkage, and water pickup tube. And I would imagine that you would need the same. I'm assuming that you have a spacer in your lower unit that you will be taking out. Otherwise, you would need a different lower unit. And you might as well change out the bearings, seals, and water pump while you have it apart.
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