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Thread: inflatable up the Ivishak

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    Default inflatable up the Ivishak

    Would like anyones opinion, i have a 16ft inflatable with a 40 horse jet, and i was curious if, anyone has taken something like that up the river out past the 5 mile. also up and down the Sag hunting bou with my bow.any insight would be greatly appreciated

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    Default No Problem

    I take my 16' zodiac with a true 40 Yamaha jet up there every year. I usually camp near the bluff, but have ran about twice that far up river. Just make sure you can read the river and keep the hammer down in the skinny stuff. By far my favorite river to run.......

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    I've run both the Ivishak and the Sag with my inflatable. A couple things to keep in mind...
    Keep on it when you get in the shallows
    Never lock down the motor (I lock it to pull start but the first thing I do is unlock it before I get going)
    Bring a patch kit that can handle large tears in the transom area
    Bring a long flat head screwdriver to pop out rocks from the jet intake

    I've gone 5+ miles in my inflatable past the large bluff by the Echooka, but some areas get pretty thin and you have to maneuver through the shallows carefully. I take on some water now through the lower back portion of the inflatable that has taken quite a few hits over the years, I think it is time for a professional fix on it. We've motored with three men and one full body caribou on a quick trip up and down the river and got on step both upstream and downstream. I run a 15' Yukon with a 35 horse jet.


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