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Thread: Ninilchik Halibut

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    Default Ninilchik Halibut

    Plan on halibut fishing the Ninilchik area for the first time this weekend.Any advice on how far offshore or depth to concentrate on would be appreciated.

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    Default go out

    22 miles fish 220ft deep

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    Give the new guy a break. Seriously, there's plenty of fish for all. You only need to go out between 5-10 miles and fish can be found in much less than 200' of water.

    Just turn the tables and go fish in the same area that you see the charter boats fishing. They like to do that to us all the time.
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    Default slack

    hit the slack - and bring a lot of weight...

    The charters will be sitting on the chicken holes - and it is a big hole - - but big ones are lurking there too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunner View Post
    Plan on halibut fishing the Ninilchik area for the first time this weekend.Any advice on how far offshore or depth to concentrate on would be appreciated.
    I was out with Ebbtide day on the water. Everyone easily limited out but nothing huge. A boat nearby shot one so there are some hunks @ chicken hole. We were in 130' and using 3 lbs weight. I hope someone will give you some basic cooridinates...large area and no secret..I just don't have them. Several whales were breaching close to us. Might throw in a silver rig and do some mooching...saw a few jumpers. Was out a couple years back and we ran 1.5 hours out. Smallest catch was over 70 but hauling lots of weight in 300ft water was tough on most everyone. 30 minute run to chicken hole is a good compromise that still holds potential for a lunker and reasonable egress when the weather goes sideways. GLTY

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    plans cancelled. Hope to make it on the next good tide cycle (about the 15th). Thanks for the responses.

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    Default Deep Creek Today.....

    Went out for the high tide today- tractor launched at 10:00 and back on at 2:15. 17 ft boat with a 90 hp outboard, steered 210 degrees magnetic for 45 minutes, found the charter fleet, fished a mile away from 20+ boats. Didn't waste any time sorting due to the small craft advisory for the afternoon, but was really happy with the size fish we caught. Fish cleaning on the beach by 2:30. 4 fish an honest 30-35#, and 2 in the 15-20# range. So, no, you don't have to go too far or too deep- 120 ft today.

    BTW- saw a few charter catches hanging when we left with some dandy catches.

    Good luck.

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    The biggest Halibut I have ever seen (400+ lbs) was caught less than 1/4 mile from the mouth of Deep Creek out of a 16 ft skiff. I have also seen numerous 100+ lb fish caught trolling in the mouth.

    If you have a small boat and are new, just head straight out off the beach. Watch your depth finder and fish on top of a rise or at the bottom of a low spot. I would say anything after 1 mile out is good. Try to fish around high or low tide or you will have to drift fish. You may not catch a huge fish but there are halibut all over. There is no reason to run 20+ miles and burn all that fuel. My family has been fishing that area since 1968 and we have full freezers every winter. Very seldom does a days fishing involve running the boat more than 20 miles total. I would post some numbers for you but they are all in the boat in the GPS.


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