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Thread: Heading to Valdez for a few days, anything that I must see or do?

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    Default Heading to Valdez for a few days, anything that I must see or do?

    We're heading to Valdez to check it our and fish for pinks/silvers (my wife has never been there and I haven't been there in over 13 years). Is there anyplace historic we need to see? Is there an "old Valdez" (relating to the '64 quake)? Is it possible to tour the oil storage facilities? (Wife works for an oil company, thought she may want to do that.) Any eateries that we MUST try? We'll have kids with us (17, 9, 6) so we won't see much of the night life I suppose. BTW, we'll have bikes with us too.


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    Your first stop should be the Visitor's Center, right by the ditch going into town, where the tourists stop to look at the fish. The only remnants of the old town, aren't much to see, just foundations and junk cars. There is a museum of sorts there in downtown Valdez that has some old stuff, not much. There are some mining trails north of town, that get you back to some of the old roadhouses and mining operations, but I don't know of any that you could easily get the kiddo's to. Always a few bears to look at over by the hatchery. There are always a few "relics" hanging around the boat harbor to look at.
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    Tours of the oil terminal have been banned since the end of 2001 for what should be obvious reasons. You cannot go past the property line marked at Allison Point.

    There are a couple million pinks in the water right now. Silvers are just starting to show up. In the mornings the surface of the water on the west side of Allison Point is nothing but fins.

    Just beware of the bears. There are 2 brown bears working the area between Allison Point and the refinery toward the head of the bay. These guys have no qualms about chasing people off of their fish and they've displayed some aggressive behavior recently.

    Just to the west of the Solomon Gulch hatchery, hydro, & bridge is a black bear sow with cubs. View from a distance and she's very protective. There is also a smaller black bear the frequently goes up to the beach on the west side of Allison point to grab fish. He'll walk right up to fishermen to see what they have, but it's so far appears to be more curious in nature than trying to take things from you. Still, give them all lots of room. It is unfortunate, but there are lots of fishermen that are contributing to the problems with the bears in this area.

    As for historic stuff, the original Valdez site is still there and you can access it. There just isn't much left to see. The rest of the old Valdez site is now a trailer park (as we learn from history ). The museum has exhibits on the oil stuff (there is a main building and an annex building by the ferry dock). There is also a private residence turned into a museum a couple blocks away. There are signs.

    Bikes are good as you can park your vehicle somewhere and tour the entirety of Valdez by bike much easier than you could by vehicle. There are lots of short trails around town up to the tops of the hills and such. You can get a trail map at the visitor center.

    Note that the bike trail alongside the Richardson near old Valdez is under construction right now as they repave it. The road going up Mineral Creek had the bridge wash out a few years back. There is construction going on up there so you are limited to about the first 2 miles of road and can't get to the mining areas without a 4 wheeler anyhow. I'd recommend driving the road out past the airport to the glacier area instead. Look for sheep on way out.

    I think one of the best ways to spend time touring Valdez is by Geocaching. There are lots of Geocaches in the area and a number of them are "multi-caches" that give you a tour of the town in the process. There is a big Geocaching event on Saturday, August 1st starting at 9:30am at the little park to the east of the small boat harbor. You could drop in to see what it's all about if you are unfamiliar with the activity. (see also).

    BTW, there really isn't a "night life" in Valdez... as far as the "have kids" issue goes.
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    ride up mineral creek road. there is an old stamp mill some miles back... i dont know the condition of the gold creek trail this year... i heard there was a fire on it....

    Solomon gulch trail up to the dam..

    all are really nice go see spots. and can fill a nice day.... but.... you should be fishing not playing
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