My faithful 35 used up that last "spark" on the Copper R. last month... not good, but it's home now. I had a spare module with me and changed it on the spot, but still no spark! I think I can fix it myself with my newly acquired maintenance manual, but I need a few special tools and some advise. The sensor & charge coils seem to check out OK. The book mentions a Stevens or Electro Specialties CD Voltmeter Tester. Not only do I not have one, but I don't know where to get one. Another on-line source says an automotive multi-meter will work. Here's what I think I need:

Fluke FL885-5Akit or compatible
DVA Peak Voltage Adapter
Spark Gap Tester (neon indicator)
Spark Gap Tester (to be set at 1/2")

Is the 1/2" Gap Tester really necessary?
Any suggestions about where to rent or buy (reasonably) these items in ANC would be appreciated. If this is not the best forum for this please let me know a better link.