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Thread: Delta River Float?

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    Default Delta River Float?

    Just wondering how long it takes to float from Tangle Lakes to mile 209 of the Richardson? Is there enough water to keep a 14' self bailer going down river?

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    We did it in three days but I think you could do it in two. The water was low with alot of boulder dodging for a couple of miles below the falls but I think your boat would be fine. Mine was an aire traveler with oars. The worst part is half of the float is on lakes so it is alot of rowing. The portage might also suck for you. It reguired an up hill portage then a float across a pond then a steep down hill portage. All of it is clearly marked. If I was ti do it again in the same conditions I would look into lining my boat over the falls and then portage my gear the 100yards around the falls.
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