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Thread: Fall in POW

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    Default Fall in POW

    I will be on POW in late October, is this to late to see bears around?

    I only have a week, will be busy killing or trying to kill deer, but wondered what the chances are of seeing one of those famous POW blackies.

    Thanks for any info and good luck to everyone this fall. Hunting season is just around the corner and my nervous twitch is starting up.

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    I've seen them in late October, haven't seen alot. Ran into a bruiser 1st week of November up high on a logging road, even had snow flakes coming down.

    I was deer hunting and still regret not taking him.

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    Default POW Black Bears

    There's always a chance but realistically your chances are slim. About mid October most have denned up. It would definitely be a bonus if you saw one, but I wouldn't expect it.

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    Well I pretty much assumed what you all are telling me. Thanks for the info though, I hope I get to see one, but will not get my hopes to high.

    Anyone else headed down to POW in October?

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    Default Oct hunt

    Oct is the flattest hunting month on the Island.

    The last week in Oct the Deer go into pre-rut and things start picking up into the early November rut action.

    Like mentioned above I have seen a few October Bear out but not many. By mid Oct many are falling to sleep fast. Sometimes younger Bear that don't have their life cycle down yet are still out roaming around trying to gain a few more calories but they probably are as caloried up as they will get.

    Seems to be a very good berry crop this season so I'm sure the Bear will get fat fast.


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