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    As the heading suggests, this is only food for thought. This post could have fit in any number of forums but I picked fishing as most of what I'm about to say is fishing related. Oh, and by the way, if your one of those contentious types please keep going as I'm not going to banter with anyone.

    A couple years ago I started a thread under the heading "Loose the Competition" and man did I get an ear full. Everything from you cant spell to you must be the antichrist. At that time I was coming against the extremely competitive nature exuded by folks here in the great land with regard to fishing & hunting activities. I seemed then, and still does that a lot of folks focus too much on the "how many and how big" aspect.
    Henry David Thoreau onec wrote "many men will fish their entire live with out realizing, it's not the fish their after!" To which I respond "Amen Brother"

    Let's put the shoe on the other foot for a minuite, you do your own research and form your own conclusions. Start in the fishing forum since your allready here, see how far you get before running into a post with a good dose of disgruntlement in it. How you catch em, how many you can catch, why theres none there to catch, it just goes on and on. Now go to the dip net forum, same thing. Now go the the fishery management forum, same thing. Now go to the commercial fishing forum, same thing.Now go to the hunting forum, same thing. It just keeps going and going even the ATV forum is full of it. I dont frequent the garden forum but I'd suspect someone on there has a red az!

    The one thing that stands out to me, the common denominator in all this is greed. Yep, their now Ive said it and I can aleady feel the blood preasures rising. Well unless someone can give me a better explination of why everyone wants it all for themselves I'm gonna stick with greed.

    Further more, I believe this states fish and game problems are bigger than us. If this were not true then how come the problems are growing. Could it be the growing population, could it be global warming, maybe it's Sarah's fault? Greed folks, pure and simple.
    I read with interest the post of someone catching 85 read and it's still not enough gotaa have more more more.

    Does anyone stop and think about what their kids might want to catch? I have no better answers than the next guy regarding these complex issues but I do believe that if any positive change is to come about it must be thru the end users not relying on some agency to regulate us to death. Do you really need all those fish maybe your relatives down in America could get by with out your yearly contributions? Oh yea now I got em going, how dare you blame the guy just trying to feed his family, and his inlaws, and his cousins and their neighbors etc!

    Seriously, a concerted effort by the end users would in time restore whats been lost but it ain't gonna happen at our current rate of resourse decline. Actully, it probably ain't gonna happen at all and all Ive done is inflame the general populis with my ranting. But if you have a brain cell one you can see some truth in what I'm saying.

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    Excellent post Alasgun. Couldn't agree more and I'll admit that I'm just as guilty as the next. Your thoughts echo mine.

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    I hear what you're saying, but to me it is a bit more complex. Some people just aren't happy no matter how much they have, be it $, fish, moose, cars, etc, etc. Others are completely content with a small cabin in the woods, and a hard days work, day in, day out. Well, there is something to be said for an honest days work and a simple life, but I digress.

    As far as the status of our fish and game populations. I'd say that the fish populations have been pretty healthy year in, year out. Many of them have made amazing comebacks as pre-statehood they were nearly wiped out from commercial fishing. And I don't mean to bash commercial fishermen, but if you look at an average take across the board on fisheries, the commercial take is 80%. So if you think that there aren't enough fish returning year after year, don't go bagging on the guy that put's in a stock of fish each summer, whether with line or net.

    Game populations have much more to do with the state of habitat than over harvest by hunters. Large portions of the state haven't been allowed to burn naturally in order to provide browse needed by ungulates. You put cabins here and there, villages here and there, power plants, you name it, and the big fires that would naturally occur don't. And, game populations naturally cycle w/o mans interference, and should be allowed to cycle to some degree vs. some arbitrary calculation of maximum carrying capacity for a systems and balancing predators and prey take year in, year out.

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    I agree with ya 100% my friend but your beating a dead horse.gif. They ain't gonna stop till the last fish or animal is gone then they will look around for who to blame. Tony Soprano said it best in one of the last episodes of the Soprano's, "There's plenty for everyone" (if the greed don't get ya) .

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    Henry also made a statement something along the lines of this:

    " A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone".

    Pretty smart fellow, that Mr. Thoreau.

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    So... You've stopped fishing and hunting now? Or are you waiting for everybody else to join your crusade first?

    Philosophy is great fodder for discussion, and has been since the first deep thinkers carved their ideas on cave walls. But, rarely does anybody actually act on someone else's philosophical message. They usually just end up spending all their time discussing the subtle nuances that make most of these philosophies unrealistic in the modern world.

    I have read some of the works of H.D. Thoreau, and agree with much of what he wrote. I'm not sure, however, how effective the message actually is if no one believes it enough to act.

    Are you acting?
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