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    Default Campbell Creek

    I've read reports of catching silvers in this creek but have never seen anyone fishing. I would like to also try and give it a shot. Where are the fishable areas for this creek? Thanks

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    From the bridge just west of Victor Rd on Dimond to the bridge at C Street. Fish the holes and pockets. I've never spent alot of time fishing it, but used the trails and picked up trash along it when I used to own a house over in that area. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can give you some help. I do know that there's no bait this year because of the closure of the elmendorf hatchery, and the inability to restock it for a couple years. There's been alot of people complaining about egg-soakers at campbell this last week, so it's just a matter of time before they will be down there writing tickets. The people soaking eggs in the good holes make it hard to drift the holes for someone fishing legally, so don't be afraid to speak up, and inform them of the new law.

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    I wouldn't feed the salmon out of campbell creek to my dog. So much lawn fertilizer and dog crap gets swept into the creek. It is fun, just don't keep them. Besides that like frydaddy said they are restricting bait because of the possible shortage.

    If you have to fish it, you can fish it just north of C street and diamond. Also Dowling just East of the Old Seward Hwy there is a bike trail that you can go up or down stream from. Just please respect private property. People are bad about that when fish come in.

    It might still be a week or two early though.
    That's what she said...

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    people been catchin silvers at the dimond bridge....remember campbell creek is only open from dimond to c street until august 5! then it opens up all the way shelikof street by the highway. drift corkies and beads, and try spinners in dark colors like black and dark blue or green. if your into fly fishing try egg sucking leeches and smolt patterns. best place is by gallos restuarant at arctic and dimond. and remember only 2 silvers per day!


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