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    This probably sounds like a dumb question but I am wondering what the Delta river between black rapids and Delta Jct is like. Specifically how would one be able to access the west side of the river in the Donnelly Dome area. Looking to access the DM773 hunt area.

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    That section of river is easily crossed in anything that floats. In single channel areas the current moves along quickly and I would suggest using oar locks as they allow you to make forward progress a lot faster than paddling does. Then again maybe you want to float downstream a ways and it would not matter. There are not many moose along the river corridor so you will more than likely have to hike inland a ways. Most people fly in or use moose buggies to drive across then access the few trails over there. Flying in is the easiest method of getting to the West side of the river. Another option is to load atv's on a boat put in at the Tanana bridge then head upriver on the Delta till you find a suitable location.

    Good luck on your hunt!


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