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Thread: Anybody hunted Adak in August?

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    Default Anybody hunted Adak in August?

    Going back to Adak in Mid August for Caribou! One concern I had was the all the sink holes I saw in May might be hard to see in August when the grass gets longer.

    Anybody been there in August? Above 1000 feet I remember it was mostly moss, a lot of the area I'll be hiking through will be between 200 and 800 feet.

    Near the coast, there were some areas where the grass looked like it could get pretty high, but it seemed like the grass inland was shorter. But again, I was there in May so it was hard to tell.

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    Default August last year

    I was there in August last year. The grass once you got up a little was not high at all. Don't even remember it being high anywhere we hiked, We hiked in from finger bay and hart lake were the two main spots

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    There are very limited areas where the soil will support anything but the tundra grasses and mosses. Along the better drained hillsides - too steep to climb - there will be taller rye like grasses. Along the coastal areas there there might be some sandy soils there will also be taller rye like grasses. Along some of the creek banks taller grass will be found as well. None of these areas will be over waist tall.

    On the east side of the island there is supposed to be a valley that reminded Vietnam era folks of the elephant grass they fought in, just not as tall and as sharp. No food for the 'bou in the area but the walked up from the bay through the stuff to get to the tundra to hunt. I never made it to that area of the island.

    On nice days in late summer we would wear gaiters over our jeans and be fine. Even on sunny days the tundra is wet so gaiters were the norm.

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    Thanks. I remember an area that looked like it supported taller grass on the south side of lake Betty. Everything else didn't seem like it had been too tall before but I couldn't tell if the grass never grew very tall there or if that area had been grazed. Thanks for putting that fear to rest.

    Ray, I remember what you were talking about. Even after two days with Sun the ground felt like walking on a giant wet sponge!


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