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Thread: Tanner Crab

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    Default Tanner Crab

    OK, I tried to read AND understand the game booklet

    As I understand it, Tanner CAN be caught in Cook Inlet but not PWS, is that correct?

    I get a dozen Tanners in my shrimp pots everytime I toss them out in Jacks Bay.

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    Correct. There are no open seasons for tanner crab in PWS. The only legal crabbing is king crab from October through March, which is a lovely time of year to be on the water out there. I do wonder about the tanner population, though. Like you, we get a lot of young crab in our shrimp pots. I can only assume that there are a lot more that can't fit through those small holes. Maybe the area fisheries bio could shed some light on it for you.

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    This might help. There's a phone number listed at the top of the page for info.
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