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Thread: Advice on spinning rod to bring

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    Default Advice on spinning rod to bring

    Hey guys, I'm arriving in anchorage on saturday, and am considering buying a travelling rod to bring with. There are some pretty nice ones made in germany that are 5 pieces and fit compactly in a case. they're 2.7m long, and seem to have good action for salmon. What kind of rods do you guys use? Would it be wise to bring one with, or buy one when I arrive?

    I can't seem to find any bass pro shops or good sporting good stores around anchorage through google.

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    Default your best bet

    Would be to buy one here. No idea of the 5 pc rods in Germany...what weight line are they designed to handle? My guess is you will have a much better selection here where the salmon are than in Germany where there are no salmon.
    B&J Commercial will most likely have your best selection of Rods and Reels...they are in Anchorage. Also check out Sportsmans Warehouse in Anchorage. Those are my two recommendations....

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    Try B&J's Sporting Goods (907-274-6113) when you get here. They should have all you need for fishing gear and their staff can give you ideas on what will work best for your needs. I personally use a Lamiglas salmon/steelhead rod and it works great for me, but I also have a couple of Ugly Sticks that I have landed plenty of salmon with.

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    Default I forgot to mention

    That I use a Shakespeare carbon rod....not an ugly stik...paid $50 for it at B&J's....but the key is the reel. Spent about 5x as much on the reel. When you go to B&J's, ask for Tom....he'll set you straight. If you go to Sportsman's Warehouse, ask for Jason.

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    Default Craigslist....

    Check on alaska craigslist also. Sometimes you can get a decent rod for about $25 bucks. I know most people won't agree with me on that one... But, you should get a 8'6" rod and decent reel with a good drag. Don't do the Wal-mart special. I've seen too many of those rods get broken. Saw one the other day break when someone caught a pink...

    If you like baitcasters, PM me. I might could set you up with something decent cheap...

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    In all honesty I would prefer to support the local market, so I'll give that BJs a call. I do however want a break-apart rod so that I can hike with it and travel easily with it.

    The german rod is nice in that it's compact and seems to have a pretty good action relative to backbone.

    thanks for the tips, and if anyone is looking to sell a superfluous rod, just pm me!

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    One more question...what size rod do you guys normally use for inland salmon/trout fishing? In WI we sometimes use long 9 foot rods for casting, but I don't know if that's impractical when fishing along streams or rivers in AK...

    What would you guys suggest?

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    You posted this question too late

    Cabelas sells a XML pack rod that is three piece and comes in a hard tube. Just a super nice rod and we have used our for a few years now. This is not your average pack rod. They come in casting and spinning. We like the 7' med for Alaska. We run 14 lb line on them and these do well with anything from dollies/grayling up to silvers/chums. Not enough rod for kings, but most everything else we have landed with this rod. Link below.

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