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Thread: Resources for researching land ownership

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    Default Resources for researching land ownership

    Here are some resources to help people with researching land ownership. They all take a bit of a learning curve to get used to, but are very useful if you take the time to figure them out. It's not an exhaustive list, so I hope others feel free to post additional resources.

    I didn't find on-line ownership maps for any other boroughs, but the Alaska Mapper and BLM's SDMS will probably cover most areas outside of city limits in the rural boroughs. One word of caution: The BLM's generalized land status is just down to the section level, so you can't always tell how the ownership within a section is split out without going to the MTPs (master title plats), which can be pretty cryptic to read. However you can contact any Alaska Department of Natural Resources office, any BLM Public Room, or any Borough Planning and Land Management department and get assistance.

    I hope this is helpful.

    State of Alaska's "Alaska Mapper" (on-line mapping application - very good)

    BLM land status records (many different types of records - takes tom

    Fairbanks Northstar Borough GIS:

    Matanuska-Susitna Borough GIS:

    Municipality of Anchorage GIS: (appears to be broken at the moment)

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    Default For those from out of state

    For those from out of state who might not be familiar with land ownership types in Alaska, you do find the usual privately owned lands just like in any other state, but there are also Individual Native Allotments along most rivers and in many rural areas, and there are ANCSA Native Corporation-owned lands surrounding most villages and in many rural areas throughout the state. Without getting into the considerable controversy surrounding those lands, they are legally private property. Both can be located on the BLM SDMS web site (they're listed as "Village Lands," "Region Lands," and "Native Allotments" on the legend.)

    Also, it appears that some of the layers on the BLM site can be downloaded as .kml files that can be loaded in Google Earth. If you've got the computer skills to manage that, it could be a very useful combination.

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    Default ANCSA 17(b) easements

    One other item of note: on the BLM site, you can find maps of ANCSA 17(b) easements. Those are legal easements established across ANCSA Native Corporation-owned lands for the purpose of accessing public lands on the other side. Very useful for people looking to hunt on public lands.

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    Hey i heard there was a place about 30 miles out of Fairbanks that was

    AWESOME!!! for moose

    any idea how i can find out who owns it?
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    Wink I heard that place is overrated

    Quote Originally Posted by Vince View Post
    Hey i heard there was a place about 30 miles out of Fairbanks that was

    AWESOME!!! for moose

    any idea how i can find out who owns it?
    I heard it was some grouchy old nutcase who hates hunters. You can always tell when you run into him. He drives 50 year old farm equipment and walks like he's always late. But don't worry about it. He's always with this guy who carries a rifle with no scope or one of those silly old-fashioned bows with no wheels who's glad to aim you toward the state land down the road where the grouchy old nutcase hunts.

    Hey, I wonder why he hunts down there instead of on his own ground?


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