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Thread: Hewes Sportsman 200 with 50hp

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    Default Hewes Sportsman 200 with 50hp

    would like to hear from anyone running a Hewes Sportsman 200 and/or Sportsman Pro V 200 with a 50hp motor regarding performance on the Kenai. Also experience with it out of Seward or Whittier. thanks!

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    Default Not enough HP

    Sorry, seems questions come up like this every few months or so.
    Try the search tool. This type of thing has been hashed and rehashed with various brands & models. There are many past threads with good info.
    For what it's worth, I own a 220 Searunner w/ a 115HP , and it is adequate as I run it in a large fresh water lake to my cabin. If I were to use it in the Salt alot, I would put a 150HP on it as a minimum.
    A 200 sportsman -- a 115hp would be great; a 90hp would maybe be ok; a 75 is on the light-side, and a 50Hp it too underpowered.

    Just an opinion.

    'Used to own a 18ft Klamath Offshore Open, center console, w/ a 50Hp. Just about right for that boat- again- if used in Salt alot, I'd have maxxed it with the rated HP of 75.
    If you want a Kenai legal boat, get a used, less expensive, skiff-type in the 16-18ft range, that is powered correctly with a 50HP or less; buy a Sportsman-- and you'll wish you put alot more HP on it.

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    Took a ride in one with a 90 Yamaha and it did fine with three guys...38 on GPS.

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    If the Kenai is your passion get it. If the Ocean is your passion. Your way under powered. I thought I could also and leaned quickly. Your first following seas incident will scare you to death. A rip tide is just as bad if not worse. The Ocean even on a calm flat day can turn on you in an instant and you will never forget it, if you make it. Talked to my brother in law on this same issue just last month and he didn't believe me until he experienced it a week later. He vowed never to get on the ocean again with a 20 foot boat and 50hp motor.

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    50 hp in a 20 foot boat is a joke.....I remember I used to have a 50 horse on a light tri hull that was only 16 feet. It was barely adequate. Later I put a 85 Johnson/Evinrude on it and it was perfect. I know that my comparison is not on your boat, but if it didn't work on a smaller lighter boat, then it probably isn't going to work too great on a heavier bigger one.

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    Thumbs up 20 footer w/50 better then you might think

    I own 20ft Sea Ark with a Yamy 50. Fish Seward/Valdez all the time, loaded with five adults 25 MPH all day long, as fast as most the bigger boats. Just watch the forcast, and don't push you limits.

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    50 HP was not enough on my 18' Hewes, I upgraded to a 115.

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    50 Honda on my 17' sea runner (both '97) planes well but has to work to get on step with two or three men in the boat but it can get there. I don't know how much more weight the 20' will have but I would think that it might not do it with three men in the boat.
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    Default 50 honda on a 18-8

    I have a 50 honda on a 18' 8" Harbercraft adventurer(1925). It is 1200 pounds dry, the same as a 20ft sportsman, the honda is 215pounds and has a 35 gal tank. when I run it full with 4 guys it will get on plane at 19mph and will max out at 32mph at 6100rpm with 4 guys I always run it at 51-5200rpm.(all on a lake or slack tide) On the kenai going down stream with 4 guys and gear with a fair amout of gas it is a little slower to get on plane but not too bad. That said my boat has a 13 degree vee from the bow to the aft compared to the hewes that I know is much more I think in the 20's. I looked at the hewes first and that is the one thing that made me a little shy I know it will cut a wave better but it will also draft more and be a little more rocky when people walk around. A bigger vee will also take more to get going. I talked to a lot of people and everyone said it work but would be slow. A guy down the road has a 20ft sportsman with a 50 yam and 8 yam and is happy with it too. Yam has lots of specs on there web page with lots of hewes info. There is a lot of them out on the Kenai so maybe you will hear from them. Good luck P.S. if I did not fish the kenai I would have a 90 or 115


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