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    I am about to head to Juneau with my football team to play our season opener. We will be there Aug 7-10th (game on the 8th). While thinking about ways to entertain the boys I thought about seeing if there would be somewhere good to take them all fishing. Now we are talking about a bunch of boys (60) but I thought maybe if a small group wanted to go fishing I could arrange an excursion for them. It would be shore fishing only so does anyone have any thoughts?

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    What team are you with???

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    The dock at DIPAC might be a good bet... everyone can rent rod/reel there, buy licenses if they don't have them already, and have a blast with whatever's running ATM.

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    I am with the West Valley Wolfpack. It is our season opener.

    I was in Juneau once and was snagging chums right by the hatchery and had a blast watching the guys spot snagging kings while hanging over the rail (that was impressive I thought). Is it always snag fishing there at the dock?

    Also a legal question, I will have a number of players under 16 with me and I am pretty sure that they don't need a license just need to be with someone who does correct? What is the ratio of that though as I could have 15+ with no license to just one or two coaches with licenses so I don't want to run into any legal trouble.

    Thanks as always for the help, two years ago I took a VB team to Cordova and caught silvers during a day off and it was a fun way to pass some time.

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    Still wondering about Snagging regulations and dependents on a licensee question. Anyone have any input?

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    Snagging is prohibited within 150' of the dock at DIPAC - There is a sign posted by a bench by the sidewalk that marks that.

    Anyone under 16 does not need a license, and I dont believe they are required to have a guardian either.


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