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Thread: July Grand Finale - 5-day Fishing Report

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    Default July Grand Finale - 5-day Fishing Report

    With my wife and daughter out of town, and two weeks home from the Slope, I figured I better fish hard and fill both freezers. Here's the skinny on the previous five days for me:

    July 23 - Morning salmon trip out of Seward. Battled some serious weather to make it to Cheval narrows. Limits around on silvers, wide variety of size from 4-11 pounds, with only one pink in there. Nobody made it offshore.

    July 24 - Rushed to the Kenai for a king trip. Chocolate milk and floating trees spelled d-o-l-d-r-u-m-s on the river for us and every other boat we saw. Great fishing, no catching.

    July 25 - Back to Seward to meet up with five other pals for the final white meat trip: lings and halibut. A timely break in the weather allowed a run to Montague. Halibut cooperated in the shallows with about six fish between 40 and 60 lbs, and chickens to finish the limits. Tried a drift for lings, but with 20knt+ winds, couldn't keep 24 ouncers on the bottom, so opted to switch to silvers. Captain Woody took us to their hot spot and got 18 nice fish all 8-10 pounds in about 20 minutes....ok, maybe 25 minutes, but it was FAST and FURIOUS and FUN.

    July 26 - Back to the Kenai where a friend had offered to take us out on his boat to dipnet. Two nets, 47 reds, 1 pink, a dozen or so starry flounder, and one small dolly in about 7 hours.

    July 27 - Still on the Kenai, dipping from shore, southside. Nice run of fish on the outgoing around 10-noon. Two nets got 27 fish, mostly all 7-10 pounders, no pinks. Called it a day at noon to fillet and get back to Anchorage at a reasonable hour.

    July 28 - Processing fish, creatively making room in the freezer, prepping to smoke sockeye tomorrow, refusing to look at my credit card balance, recovering, and about to fix a smoked salmon omelet for breakfast.
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    Nice job!

    My brothers fished the big push of reds y'day in tidewater.

    It was insanely good flippin'.

    Good way to end their week on the river.
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