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Thread: Another Stolen Motorcycle>:(!!

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    Default Another Stolen Motorcycle>:(!!

    Well, here we go again!! Another stolen bike and this time it is my brothers. It is a 2001 CBR 600 F4i. My brother almost caught them but came up short. As he was running after them a dark in color SUV (possibly a newer Jeep Cherokee) perched there tires and sped away. obviously the SUV was involved. The person who stole it is probably not stupid enough to be riding it around (hopefully I am wrong) and they will probably be parting it out either locally or in Fairbanks. There are not a lot of these F4i's running around and even fewer that are looking for second hand parts. Somebody knows something!!

    We are offering a NO QUESTIONS ASKED $500 reward to any tip leading us to the bike. Once again...NO QUESTIONS ASKED!! Just lead us to the bike and we will VERY discretely hand you $500 cash and that will be the end of it! We don't care if you are they guys friend, brother, sister, or mother. We just want the bike back!!

    LET IT BE KNOWN that we know EVERY part on this bike inside and out and we will be scoping EVERY F4i that we see from here to Fairbanks for parts off this bike! Scratching off vin#'s and painting plastics will not be enough for us to not identify the parts from this bike! If we catch anybody with parts from this bike on their bike they can explain to APD how and where they got them! We will be searching relentlessly for this bike!!!!

    Please help us get this bike back!! We are reading about way to many bikes being stolen and not enough recovered!!

    Call (907)764-0393-John or (907)746-3860 (H) or (907)757-8736(C)-Jesse

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    WE GOT IT!! The bike was laid over and has minor dents and scratches and the stickers were scratched off, but it is in my brothers possession! Unfortunately, I can not give a lot of details about how it was recovered and nobody will be prosecuted for this theft. However, we are confident karma will catch up with the thief in due time.

    Please delete this thread!

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    Talking Good deal!!!

    Glad to hear he got his baby back!

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    way 2 go jess!
    Semper Fi!

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    How did they initially steal it? Did they hotwire it or just load it up in a truck?

    Glad to hear you got it back BTW. Theives are the scum of the earth.

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