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    Wink 45-70 help

    One of my buddies told me that i should try to load as close to the max cartridge length as possible (2.550)! My loads are coming in at 2.530 for a hornady 300 gr. JHP and 2.007, is this safe? Why wouldn't it be? I thought that as long as I wasnt over the max overall cartridge length than it would be safe! Please any help would be greatly appriciated!

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    powder charge= 56.1 gr. imr3031 for both bullets
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    In a Marlin rifle overall length isn't so critical. Seated to the cannelure any of the Hornady bullets should work fine. Make some dummies and cycle them through the action rapidly, including dry firing. (No primer, no powder.) You can do this in the privacy of your garage/basement. I always make dummy round and test in any rifle and also to insure correct die set-up. Go through all die operations including crimping, this will insure a live round will fit.

    You're correct, there is nothing unsafe about a round being a few thousands too short. Good luck.
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