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Thread: Valdez Salmon Fishing for Kids in August

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    Question Valdez Salmon Fishing for Kids in August

    I want to take my three kids fishing in Valdez in early August and wondered if anyone knows the best times, methods, and places to stay, either camping or motel? Not going to charter, just camp and fish. Silvers and Pink fishing; lures or flies. Thanks in advance!

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    Valdez is a great place to camp and fish for pinks with kids. I went there two summers ago and my eldest was 4. We stayed in a concrete lot campground in Valdez with our camper for one week. The pink fishing was on the opposite side of the town across the water, you just drive down and around, real quick. I forget the name of the point. They come in real thick there. It was in mid-August I believe, 14th or so? call someone/store out there and ask them when they usually come in. there are some more remote places to camp, but they lack any hookups. i threw the line out there with a vibrax (or equivalent) and let my 4 yo girl real it in. Sometimes they would get snagged b/c of how thick they were, sometimes they hit the lure. She brought them in on her own, had a great time.

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    I just spent three nights at the Totem Inn and it's a nice place with a good restaurant. They have several cabins also if you don't want to stay in a motel environment but want a roof over your head. There are several other hotels and campgrounds so compare rates and availability. There is also limited camping over on Allison Point but those sites and hotel rooms in general might be tough to come by if the Silvers are in. If you're wandering around the boat harbor stop in for a quick lunch at the Harbor Cafe. It's a small walk up food stand but they have excellent food and tell Alfredo the bunch from Providence Hospital says Hi.

    The best place to fish without a boat is, as HRE14 said, over at Allison Point. Anywhere from several hundred yards prior to the fish hatchery (Solomon Gulch) to the entrance to the oil terminal is good depending on if the tide is in or not. Vibrax and a spinning rod work just fine. Allison Point is over on the other side of the bay and is a 15 minute drive from downtown Valdez.

    Watch out for bears over on the point. We saw several of them every day we were there and they are intent on eating fish right now, (and are not shy about eating YOUR fish), so you don't want to get in their way. If you're down on the shore fishing and because the road is elevated above the waterline, they can come up close behind you before either of you know the other is there. Not a good situation if the cubs are the first ones to come over the edge which was the situation each time I saw them. I watched a sow with two cubs chase another brown bear for at least 100 yards and they both were flat moving! Cool National Geographic moment but also a good reminder to stay away from all of the bears.

    Maybe someone else with more experience in Valdez can comment on the timing of the Silver Salmon run?

    Good luck and enjoy Valdez.

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    Silvers are in the Bligh Island area right now (PWS just outside of the Valdez Narrows). Not yet in the port, but it won't be too much longer.

    The brown bear and the sow with cubs are still causes many issues from the hatchery to the point. The brown bear ran everyone off the beach around the point a couple hours ago.

    As for pinks, the water on the west side of the point looked like it was boiling yesterday around noon. You could see the school of fish moving around in the shallow water right next to the beach (low tide). Jumpers everywhere. Looked like a popcorn machine.

    There were only about a half dozen folks out fishing, but they all had fish on at the same time with apparent non-stop action.
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