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Thread: ok we had this talk about shipping items from the 48

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    Default ok we had this talk about shipping items from the 48

    i know that we have had this talk about shipping items from the lower 48 to alaska..
    i have thinking about something that the people that shipped my cargo units up there said to me the other day..

    for i had gone into there office there in seattle to make sure that i did not own them any money for the anything extras that could of happen dureing the units being shiped up there..

    i met one of the nice guys there in the office and we got to talking about diff things and one of the things that we just came around in the talk was the price of food up compared to down here in the states

    him and his wife took me to lunch and we talked about a system that they do twice a year..

    he said that they saved up about $.3,000.00 dollars a bout 10 years back and did this system he told me that they do now ..

    he told that he was down here down from alaska for his annual family big box run as he called it..for he does twice a year once in july and once in end of dec around xmas times frames..

    for he would order items from amazon and other companys that would not ship to alaska and he had the items go to a person house here in seattle that his family....

    for he order the items from amazon and other places about three week before they where to come down they would be there right about the time they where ready to be loaded into the shipping crate..

    he gets all his kids schools supplies and cloths and other items that they need for school down here in july trip along with the bigger bulk items that the needs in way of food items for the family..

    for they come down twice a year to the seattle to vist family and friends her in town..

    get all the basic non presiable typle foods in big bulk units ,,for he buys wheat and sugar and floor and milk powder in diff flavors and corn and rice and diff typles of beans and pancake and biscust and other typles of bread mixs in a 6.gallon sized buckets ..

    plus some n10 -sized can lots of diff items that he picks up along with case lots of cans goods

    then on top of those items goes case lots of can goods items ..

    then he lays a thin piece of plywood down then sits in the boxs items that he and his wife put togerther to go back up them for the school supplies and cloths bulk items of bath soap bars and other personal grooming items as need and lrandry soap powders ...

    him and his way say that they save about $.4000.oo dollars a year off the food and personal items bill up there by doing it the way that they do it..

    he still buys most of the meats and fresh vegs up there along with hunting ..that helps keeps the food cost down also he tells me..

    his wife tells me she puts in a garden once a year in the summer times and cans and does everything she can to cut cost of liveing. for there family.

    then he goes over to the company here in seattle that makes wood crates for a liveing and they make a crate to his size and specs and then they loaded up and ship it up to there home there outside of alaska..

    he say that he meets the ship when it gets there and they load the crate onto a flatebed trailer that his pick up truck pulls..

    for he and wife tell me less than about .$.400.oo dollars in shipping charges to get the crate up there for they send up on the barge that leaves out of seattle..

    he and his wifes tell me in this day and age you have to do everything in your power to keep cost down on anything that you could..

    so what do you guys think would it be a good idea or a bad idea ..

    on a sidenote to this i did ask them if the cost of liveing so bad up for them why do not move back down to the lower 48..

    this what they said that the kids and them have a freedom that no area could match in the states.. and wonders of alaska could not match some where else for them to live..for she said it the only place in the world where i live off a main road but you can not see the house from the road and we can sit on pouch and have the kids play in the front yard and roam a round the area and they can be kids ..not someone that can be a little rowdy and have some fun with the atv and do things that kids do..

    they said that they live in a little town about two hours west of anchorage area ..

    when i get up there they said to come by and they cook me a real alaska treat of a meal..
    for i told her i never eaten salmon or bear meat they gave me there phone number and to call them when i get settled in anchorage ..
    they would tell me how to get to there place outside of anchorage for they are about 2 hour drive west of anchorage area..

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    now for a little side note to this we went to lunch around 1 pm in the afternoon at applebees and left there about for they bought lunch and i bought drinks to get all the info i could on liveing up there..

    john and lisa thought it was pretty funny at times about some of question that i ask them about things up ..

    john does pipline work up there ..

    lisa did ask me why was moveing to alaska ..i told her this statement i what to live somewhere it still ok to hunt and be able to fun things on my own land without someone comeing over and telling me that not right..
    and the second part is iam tried of the left so cal people do my thinkng for me

    they told i will fit in there then
    we spent hours just talking about diff things to do with houseing and other areas for liveing up..

    they told me stories of very funny things that happen to them up about liveing in a small town up there ..

    more than a few times i all most spilt my drink out at times on someone that was walking by when they telling me about the way of life up there.. for they told about the animal comeing out to the front pouch and looking into the window at them one night ..

    john told a very funny story about lisa running off the back pouch out into the garden patch armed only with a boom and was chaseing off something that was in the garden ..and when lisa got into the garden patch and found it was a small bear that was out on own for the first time she turned and start running back to the pouch yelling at the top of her lungs the whole time for john to get you gun.. get your gun ..
    by the time is all over the bear and gone the other way in a high speed run to get away from lisa yelling at the top of her lungs..

    i did ask do not carry a pistol with you ,..she said that had taken it off when she was working on the back pouch and foregot to put back on ..

    she told she goes no where without pistol when out on the land around the house now..i ask her did take into the bathroom with her to shower and john was laughing at the look on her face when i ask that..

    john had me to the point of p---- my pants with laughter about the way she was running back to the pouch..he that the only time i have seen my wife run away from someone in her life..

    i told him and her write a book about alaska life for it would be a best seller typle..

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    Default Food shipping lower 48

    I live in the SE Island...we make a yearly food order at the rate of $2,300.00...this food both freeze and dry lasts us...(there are 2 of us but we give away and share about 45 pounds of meats a year)almost 12 months...we own 3 up right freezes...and an outside chache...we have our food dry and freeze brought up by barge...we buy from Span Alaska Sales..we have been buying from them for almost 11 years now...we eat meat 3 times a day...7 days a week...I buy vegg...eggs. etc...from the town store...we save about the same amount if not more by bargeing things up from the lower 48..the amount listed on the top of this letter also includes shipping fees if we had to buy from the stores up here...I assure you we would not be eatting as well as we do now..our biggest meat order as far as a variety is called the meat is 80 pounds of meat cut and sealed in 1 pound portions..we buy about 900 pounds of a variety of meats..

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    Default Azure Standard

    If you live along a barge route in AK, the best way to get good healthy quality food is through Azure Standard. They are in Oregon and you can go to their website and order a catalog. They have a lot of organic and convetional foods in bulk. It is not like costco. They will ship free to the barge, and then you just have to pay frieght costs (around .20 /lb. ) They have minimum order requirements, but if you do a big order, it is easy to get a $2000 order together (the minimum is aroudn $550). We ordered cases of mason jar lids, 25 lb sacks of beans, herbs, and all kinds of other stuff. It is worth looking into if you live where the grocery store SUCKS (as I do). They have frozen as well, but I don't need frozen; we fill our freezers just fine on our own!


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