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Thread: Rental Hunting Boat/Zodiac

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    Default Rental Hunting Boat/Zodiac

    I'm looking to rent a zodiac style boat for the from August 8th - 11th. The boat will be used to fish from on a drop hunt in PWS. The boat needs to be in the Anchorage/Whittier/Wasilla/Palmer area. I'm looking for a 12' minimum with no more than a 20-30HP motor on it. Recently used one with a 40 and that was way too much. PM me if you have any information or have one your willing to let me rent from you. Thanks...Jon

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    Default any pm's yet?

    I would like to do the same thing and am wondering if you have had any luck?

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    Me and Brian at the Alaska Raft Connection have 2 of them. 1 is a 18' the other is a 14', Both have 25 horse motors. You can contact us via the website or call Brian at 250-2271

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    Default INterested in maybe renting my raft

    I've got a 14'9" Zodiac with a new Honda 20hp 4 stroke. Email me and let's talk.


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