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Thread: remote PWS fall fly-out ideas

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    Default remote PWS fall fly-out ideas

    anyone have any info on remote destinations for a fall fly-out in PWS?? I'm just doing some research on a possible exploratory trip idea, most likely fishing for silvers and charr in september. looking more towards Montague and Hitchinbrook islands. thanks!

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    Will this be strictly shore based fishing, or are you planning to bring an inflatable with you?

    Weather can be harsh that time of year. Last year friends came up in September with the plan to go deer hunting and do some fishing. In the 3 weeks they were here, we ended up going out for a 3 day trip, narrow weather window on the way out and the way back. From the first night to the next morning we had 6" of rain.

    On the up side we were able to fish protected waters around Knight Island and found a couple of nice ling cod and plenty of rock fish. The silver run never really materialized last year, and September can be a bit late.


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