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Thread: What's the attraction of Rocky Pass?

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    Default What's the attraction of Rocky Pass?

    Has anyone ever fished this area (south of Kake)? I noticed Devil's Elbow cabin books solid in the spring and was wondering why the interest - is it saltwater fishing, steelhead (Irish, Big John, Kushneahin, Tunehean Creeks reachable) or some other feature (bears, birds, kayaking, look at rocks)?

    Also curious as to the "degree of difficulty" in terms of boating hazards.


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    Default Black Bears

    It just might be black bear hunters renting the cabins and/or guides.

    If you are trying to book more than six months in advance, you may not be able too. My favorite cabin, I have to rent six months ahead and no sooner.

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    not much response....just curious about why more cabin reservations at Devil's Elbow. I'm just trying to get the low down on whether this is some hot spot or what, doesn't seem that easy to get to so I figure there's some kind of draw.

    maybe I'll try the hunting forum in a bit.


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