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    Was riding the wheeler with the wife and a friend when we encountered this fair bull. He was with a cow and the bugs were driving him crazy. He was snorting and shaking his head and not paying attention to what he was doing. He ran straight at us and got within 30 yards before he realized he needed to change his direction.
    These were just 2 of about 400 caribou we spotted while enjoying another sunny day in Alaska. The caribou were on the move and the surrounding ridge tops had at least 3-4 on them. This is was the biggest herd of caribou my wife had ever seen and I was glad to be there to share it with her.
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    Did you guys go up there for that poker run they had on Saturday? I was up at my cabin friday and saturday and man was it ever dusty up there.

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    No, we didn't go that way. I had forgot about the poker run until we ran into 2 other riders that mentioned it to us. We had a great ride, saw lots of critters and only a few people. Might go back there again this weekend if my other plans fall through.


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