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    Holy crap, revolvers are more fun than I imagined. I took a safety lesson and shot my new smith & wesson .460 at the range the other day for my first time, using .45's. I'll try the .454's and .460's when I get to AK, and hope I never have to use them for bear defense, but I know I will feel more relaxed now while fishing, skiing, hiking, etc. I don't have a lot of experience with handguns, but this one felt great while shooting and I felt like I could shoot those .45's all day long (I wish).

    Thanks, for the info here!

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    Glad you like it as I know you put time and thought into the purchase.Most of the time the better 45colt loads is all you will ever need but its good to know you can have more power if wanted

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    Just a suggestion, I assume you’re always in condition yellow (Jeff Cooper’s version), so don’t let that revolver give you a false sense of security, as your best defense (staying out of Harm’s Way) will still be using good common sense and avoiding high risk areas if possible. You could use this analogy - God created men, Sam Colt made them equal but Ole Sam fell a little short on equality with some animals with a downright bad attitude, so you may need a little bit of Lady Luck with that revolver to carry the day. With that said, I hope you and yours enjoy your time in Alaska and the great outdoors.

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    That's--good advice.


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