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Thread: Special affects in PP- Harley Davidson "surreal"

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    Default Special affects in PP- Harley Davidson "surreal"

    Anyone ever played with the special effects filters in your post processing software? Lots of neat (and weird) stuff to be found there. One from Photoshop Elements 6.0 was applied to the below image. It is a shot of my Heritage Springer. Anyone have any "surreal" shots, feel free to post them here.

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    Well, in a word I can say - MAGNIFICENT !! WoWoW !!!

    all with just a "click' !! That is hillarious !!!

    But do you know what you have there ?? other than the obvious - " An outstanding creation" . .. .. .. I betcha anything that you have right there - $2,500 bucks !! I know from 'experience' .. (40 yrs worth) of what I am looking at ! I know how to market images of ANY TYPE !

    More than 20 yrs ago, I did this IN THE CAMERA - no post processing

    The only thing missing is the carton of FUJI film. in the foreground,

    I sold that image to Fuji - for that sum for the back cover of magazines.

    I do not have the original slide - Yes it was all done - in the camera.

    I love to create.. .. by using my imagination !! There is a whole new world out there to explore !!

    COLOR POSTERIZATIONS: are fun to do in digital post processing.. .. in the darkroom, the procedure takes many long hours or days !!

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    Those are very nice, specially the tall buildings and the castle-looking one with a woman standing in front, to the right.

    Something else that looks very nice are photos taken with the use of tilt-shift lenses. I don't have such a lens, and I have heard from some photographers that it takes time to master them. However, tilt-shift effects can be achieved with CS4, although these effects pale in comparison to a good photographer doing the real thing with a tilt-shift lens.

    This is an example:

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