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Thread: Port Dick Goat Hunt

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    Default Port Dick Goat Hunt

    My son and I drew two tags for the hunt by Seldovia. Anybody have experience and knowledge about how to be successful for a youngster going for his first goat there? Boat or plane which is better?

    Routes? What about the Chrome mine trail is it passable with ATVs or walking? What do you all know about the area?


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    I wouldn't recommend trying to road hunt on this one; the Rocky River road is nearly impassable and surrounded by private land. If I was you I'd get dropped in West Arm or Tutka with about a month worth of grub and two camp setups. Beat as high as you can into the high country, and spend days glassing as much terrain as you can to locate the goats. They need water, same as any critter; sit still and you'll see them going to it in the evening. Patience and determination are your best friends.

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    I'll second cdubbin, travel down Rocky River Trail would be rather difficult, goat numbers seem low on the KBay side, i would think the better bet would be in West Arm via boat or plane.

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    Default If you still need info


    If you still need info on this hunt please PM me--hunted this area with my father about 9 years ago but imagine most of the info I have is still valid.

    Good luck and enjoy the hunting with family...

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    Majorbam, sent you a PM


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