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Thread: Where can I take my old man fly fishing

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    Default Where can I take my old man fly fishing

    I am visiting the old man in Anchorage this week and wanted to take him for a day fly fishing trip. I even lugged two float tubes up with me just in case. I wanted some suggestions on where to take him. He is not an experienced fly fisherman. I can teach him everything he needs to know but I haven't fished in Alaska this year and need the forum's expertise on where to go. He normally does the Russian River with the masses however I am trying to get him into fly fishing. (not that there is anything wrong with the Russian River. I thank my dad for the salmon every year) For a day trip I'd say any lakes, rivers, creeks within 60 miles of Anchorage are good.

    Much appreciated.

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    I would contact the good folks at Alaska Troutfitters in Cooper Landing. Have them take you on a float or hike-in guided day of fishing. They have a great website also.
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    for an easy run for rainbows you could go to Long Lake in the Mat-Su Valley. The Kepler-Bradley Lakes system. I think it's catch and release only but it will be quiet and some big bows are in there.
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    Default Hope/Pinks

    You might want to take him to Resurrection Creek at Hope. If he doesn't hook a salmon/pink there on a fly, he never will. Lots of fish and I recommend that you both fish down stream from the bridge about 50-feet. We fished there last weekend and couldn't keep them off of the hook. Must have caught over 70-fish. Fun to catch!

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    Default +1 for Hope...

    took my mother there last year to fish. She did better on spin gear, but had a blast. They will take a fly - seemed to like anything sparkly.

    Those float tubes could be handy on area lakes. Info on which lakes are stocked is available: Some folks I knew used to go after work in float tubes and found the trout to be willing takers.

    Good luck.


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