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Thread: Fish Smokers!

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    Default Fish Smokers!

    AK anglers are among the best in the world in puting these things together.
    If you have any photographs of yours in action, you in action, or any other smoke you care to blow my way, I would love to see it!

    The reason is archival, and if the images are good enough, perhaps they might wind up in print. Please send them to me as jpgs. Scan them at 300 dots per inch. (dpi) If you intend on shooting new pictures, draw tight and include close shots of smokers in action.

    Remit to and thanks!

    By the way, if you are a Lower 48 smoker, you need alder wood. If you can't get it, head to They offer a vast assortment to suit your needs and are a stand-up company.

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    Default A good smoker. . .

    The smoker I've used for over the last 15 years is an older version of this one. Check it out:

    It does a superb job on fish and much more.
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